Thursday, August 14, 2008

Professor Anti-Java

I saw this article the other day:

It seems that even universities are falling victim to the Internet "buzz" factor, caving in what people deem as popular and cool versus what industry actually needs.  This shift has or will cause a major issue when these students walk out of college and cannot find the challenging jobs they were promised, as companies building systems seek developers skilled in anything but Java.  Unfortunately, Ada isn't sexy; Java is.

Sure, there's a demand for Java developers, and always will be for at least the forseeable future.  There's also a huge demand for what Dewar deems "trivial web applications" that can be met with a multiple number of tools.  These systems admittedly do have a different expectation when it comes to how reliable they must be as compared to an avionics system, for example.  But to the client, they are no less important.


Greg said...

Ada sounds lots sexier than Lisp or ECMAScript. Ruby however is a pretty sexy sounding language.

Scott said...

Ruby also sounds expensive:


- Scott -

Anonymous said...

I think it's great universities are focusing on Java. It guarantees my wife (c++ programmer) will have a job as long (with a decent pay rate) as she wants.