Thursday, August 07, 2008

One more obstacle removed for us Mac users

When I switched from PC to Mac, there were a few applications that I knew that I would leave behind.  The one that stung the most was the ability to host online meetings.  On Windows, there were a number of options available - GotoMeeting, WebEx, Oracle iMeeting.  You could attend some of these meetings with Mac OS X, but you could not host a meeting.  Not fun.

Well, I'm happy to report that this is no longer the case, as it seems that both GotoMeeting and WebEx are offering full Mac OS X clients now, eliminating the need to spin up a Windows VM every time I want to conduct an on-line meeting.

This is great news, and so far, the GotoMeeting Mac client has worked almost flawlessly!  The one downside is that you can only share your desktop; not a specific application or region.  WebEx does allow specific application and region sharing, and I hope that this feature is on the radar for GotoMeeting in the near future.

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Robert O'Neill said...


Hi there. My name is Robert O'Neill, and I work for Glance Networks, the makers of the screensharing/webconferencing tool Glance. I came across your post and just wanted to inform you that we've offered a MacOS version of Glance since early 2007, and it's still going strong; a huge percentage of our userbase is Mac-native. I'd encourage you to check Glance out, and in fact we're currently offering a free year of Glance to bloggers like yourself. If you go to, sign up for our free trial, and then email me at with your username, I'll extend your trial to a year.

Thanks very much and I hope this helps!