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A New Addition

Introducing Owen Price Spendolini!  Owen made his debut on Tuesday, November 20th at 10:37AM - just in time for Thanksgiving.  Mom was induced around 8:30AM, and Owen wasted no time in getting out!  He weighed in at 8 lbs. 9 oz. and 21 1/2", and already looks like a mini-linebacker!
Isabella has adjusted quite well to him, giving him a hug and kiss before trying to poke out his eye.  Here's a picture of the happy big sister with Owen:

I've already realized that changing the diaper of a boy is much more complex than that of a girl! :)

Overweight Ajax

I came across an interesting article this morning on Ajaxian:  Ajax, Browsers, Running Out of Time.  The crux of the article is that the author's PC consistently gets bogged down if he leaves Ajax-heavy applications - such as Google Mail, Zimbra & Yahoo Mail - up for most of the day.   I can understand his pain, as i have noticed similar behavior with the new Yahoo Mail.  Sure, it's much "cooler" and easier to use than the "classic" version, but it comes with a cost.
This is why I am still very cautious and conservative when using Ajax components in APEX applications.  It's still too easy to create code that just doesn't play nice with browsers.  It's also 100% impossible to discern what else a browser is running when your Ajax component is fired up, which makes it all the more difficult to ensure that your code doesn't step on someone else's.
For better or worse, perception is reality.  If large-scale Ajax applications that the masses…

Announcing APEX Public Training

In the midst of all of the OOW blogs, I hope this one makes it through!  I didn't make it to OOW as we're expecting our second child any day, hour or minute now, and being clear across the country would not have been the best idea that I've come up with...
In any case, I'm pleased to announce that Sumner Technologies, LLC has scheduled its first public training session.  It will be held from January 28th through January 30th, 2008 in Ashburn, Virginia.  The course will be Introduction to APEX 3.0, which is designed to provide an extensive overview of APEX using mostly hands-on exercises.
More details can be found here: