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Showing posts from July, 2006

Web Developer Toolbar for IE

Well, almost. Microsoft has made a version of the popular Firefox extension here. It's still beta, but seems to have not entirely messed up my PC yet. I have found it to be useful, as most of my clients use IE as their preferred browser, thus forcing me to do the same when testing their sites.

ApEx Home Page Facelift

Looks like the ApEx PMs have been busy, as the ApEx Home Page has been re-worked. There's not a ton of new content, but I do like the new organization of the page, especially the links to Oracle Magazine articles which feature ApEx. There's also some details on what's new in Release 2.2, which you could previously only see in an obscure corner of

In talking with some of the folks at Oracle, there is a lot more in store, so check back every now and then to see the forthcoming changes.