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MAOP Brown Bag Lunch

I've been invited to speak at the Mid-Atlantic Oracle Professionals user group's Brown Bag Lunch series. The presentation, You Can't do THAT with a Browser - Part II - is a continuation of addressing how to incorporate 3rd party tools and other non-traditional technologies with APEX. The original presentation can be downloaded from here.

The presentation is set for 28-FEB-2008 at noon at the offices of BBN Technologies in Arlington, Virginia - just a stone's throw from where I lived for the better part of 6 years or so. There is no charge, but you will need to register, and space is limited.

I hope to see some of you who live in the DC area there!

Productivity to Take a Hit at 9:00 AM PST Today

Yes, it's that time of year, when legions of IT professionals and graphic designers alike skip lunch to sit in front of a browser and rapidly click "refresh" for the better part of an hour and a half.  MacWorld is upon us!
Apple really does a good job of creating a buzz.  They are well aware that people will start watching the Moscone Center at least a week before the show for any banner, sign, or shipping container with a Cupertino, CA address on it.  This year, of course, it's the "There's something in the air" banner, which has led to a number of predictions from WiMax-enabled MacBooks to the new ultra-portable that has been unanimously coined the MacBook Air.
I'll admit, it is fun to join in on the speculation - at least in moderation.  I suppose there's some element of pride to be had if you're right, as that would put your thought process on par with that of Steve Jobs' - if only for a moment.  However, there is one concern with this…