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UPDATE 2: Free APEX Hosting

Seems like AppsHosting is just getting started, as they contacted me to state that some of the information on their site was inaccurate.

Some corrections as to the information in my previous post:

- You DO get a private workspace with 250MB of space - a significant increase from the 5 or so that Oracle gives out and secure and isolated from any other developers.

- You DO NOT need an Oracle CSI with their paid plan. The $199/month price does include the license fees to use Oracle.

In speaking with them, they also said that SQL*Plus access is a very real possibility, even with the free accounts.

Something to keep an eye on, to say the least!

UDPATE: Free APEX Hosing

Well, you get what you pay for. It seems as if there is a single public workspace that you're account will be tied to when you create a free account with AppsHosting. Hardly secure! Any other user is free to wreak havoc on what you build, unless you meticulously lock each and every page. Unfortunately, that won't stop anyone from seeing (and altering) your database objects, as those are all shared among all users as well.

Guess I'll keep the account to use in a bind, but won't ever put anything in there that I don't want anyone else to see or that I may want to see again...

FREE APEX Hosting (Sort of...)

Looks like AppsHosting is getting into the business of hosting APEX applications. And they will do it for free, too - provided its for development only.

If you want your own dedicated APEX environment, that will run you $199/month. And you'll also need an Oracle CSI# for production applications, which is interesting, as it would seem that you would have to license Oracle for their servers, which could be way more or less than you need...

APEX 3.0 Public Training

There's been some discussion on the OTN Forums about APEX 3.0 training. Well, Sumner Technologies, LLC is pleased to announce that it will begin offering APEX Training to the general public this July in the Washington, DC area.

We're going to start with a 3-day APEX 3.0 Intro class, and then add a 2-day Advanced Concepts class shortly after. Classes will be held just north of Dulles International Airport, about 20 miles outside of DC, in a brand new state-of-the-art training facility.

We're shooting for the week of July 9th for the first session, and based on how many people we get, will be looking to do this on a somewhat regular basis.

I'll post more concrete details once they are available.

Also, if you have any thoughts of ideas on what you would like to see in an Advanced Class, I'd be interested in hearing about them.