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Region Attributes Feature in APEX 3.1

Patrick Wolf blogged about a new feature of APEX 3.1 called Region Attributes.  I remember trying to get this in to HTML DB 1.6, back when I was the Product Manager in 2003!
Basically, this feature enables you to specify a parameter at the region level which, in turn, will be placed where the #REGION_ATTRIBUTE# tag is located in the template itself.
This feature will definitely cut down on the number of templates required for an application, as going with Patrick's example, the width of a region template can be defined differently for each instantiation of that template.
I just ran into this issue with a client and had to use a slight workaround.  We have an application with 7 tabs - each of which is a different function.  We wanted to indicate which function a user was performing by placing the corresponding icon in the region itself.  I did not want to have to create 7 almost identical region templates, as that would be too cumbersome to manage.
So, I simply created an Application I…

MAOP Brown Bag Lunch - Update

The folks at MAOP inform me that there are only a few seats left for this free event. So, if you're on the fence about attending, act fast and register today!

Some of the topics that my presentation/demo will address:

- MS Outlook Integration
- Contacts & Events
- DHTMLX Tree Integration
- FusionCharts