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See you at ODTUG!

Well, we're all off to ODTUG this weekend in Daytona.
We're put together what I think is a solid Advanced Track of APEX training, as well as our standard, proven Beginner material.  From what the folks at ODTUG are telling me, we're going to be playing host to a sold out crowd!
I look forward to putting some names with faces at the APEX Meetup, as well as the various other events scheduled for next week.
Safe travels everyone!


No, this is not some post about how we should all just get along...

I've been a Parallels user since day 1 of owning a Mac, more or less. I've tried the nw VMWare Fusion Beta, and although it seemed to work OK, I had no real reason to switch. Until perhaps now.

Unity is VMWare's answer to Coherence - the technology which Parallels employs to display a PC window as if it were a Mac window. However, Unity takes it up a notch or two. It also works with odd-shaped windows, such as Windows Media Player. You can use Expose and have all of your PC windows behave just like Mac ones. There is direct access to the Start bar from the Mac OS X menu. And my favorite - you can permanently dock a PC application in the Mac toolbar!

I'll be interested to see how this all plays out, as I suspect some sort of announcement will be coming at WWDC next week.

Smarter than I thought...

In keeping with their promise, Apple has finally announced the availability date of the iPhone - June 29th. Yes, there are a full 28 other days which are both also in June and earlier than June 29th, but at least it's not June 30th...

I watched the new ads this morning to catch a glimpse of what will hopefully soon be mine. Unfortunately for me, my Q was nearby, and saw the glean in my eye as I was watching them. Out of a combination of jealously and fear, it promptly froze - which I'll admit it had not done in a good solid week. Upon trying to revive it the traditional way, it quietly refused. Three or four attempts later, it finally relented and re-booted itself with one small difference - every last bit of my data was gone.

Fortunately, I keep everything synced on my Mac, so nothing except for the list of recent calls was truly lost.

Your time is limited, Q...

New APEX Podcast

Lewis Cunningham @ IT Toolbox has posted a new podcast, where he interviews Oracle APEX Product Manager David Peake and Peter Martin from RL Polk & Co.

The overall focus of the podcast is how APEX has provided a variety of customers with a tool which is not only fast & easy to use, but also scales up to meet enterprise-class requirements. APEX is also compared to other RAD development environments, such as PHP & Ruby on Rails.

Peter also did a perfect job in pronouncing my last name - a feat which most telemarketers struggle with.

You can listen to the podcast here.