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ApEx Home Page Facelift

Looks like the ApEx PMs have been busy, as the ApEx Home Page has been re-worked. There's not a ton of new content, but I do like the new organization of the page, especially the links to Oracle Magazine articles which feature ApEx. There's also some details on what's new in Release 2.2, which you could previously only see in an obscure corner of

In talking with some of the folks at Oracle, there is a lot more in store, so check back every now and then to see the forthcoming changes.


John Scott said…
I agree, it definitely looks a lot 'cleaner' and easier to navigate.
Anonymous said…
Hi Scott,

I'm trying to implement a simple Oracle Application Express (HTML_DB) page into Oracle Financials App. eBussines Suite 11.5.9
We want use APEX like way to replace Oracle Forms and Reports. But, we need can run the APEX pages integrating into Financials, not like other new applications w/new SSO (user_name and user_password).

I was following your explanations (eBusiness Suite Security Model), but surely I have some mistakes.

My implementation was:

A) on ApEX Developmet Appl.

A.1) I created a simple page based on Employees table into an existing DB schema (called NXC).
A.2) "NXC" schema is an existing schema into DB that are running Oracle Financials (like PA, or GL, etc) We have Custom Forms are running in Financials.
A.3) The Employees APEX is running fine form APEX Development. This page run w/address:http://bashpapa:7778/pls/htmldb/f?p=113:1 The page is working fine.

B) on Financials:

B1) created a Function
B2) created a Menu
B3) created a Responsibility
B4) created package (apps.apex_launcher.launcher_103) and done grant execute to Public.
B5) Assigned the responsibility to my user

It was not necessary create a new Application and register a Data Group because the schema was existing (NXC).

B6) When I run the page from Oracle Financials I have a message error "No se
encontró la página" (page not found).

Financials open a new browser
41&resp_appl_id=20004&security_group_id=0&lang_code=US) w/ error and the message is " page not found ".

I'm not expert in servers or internet resources, bur I thinks that I have some problem like Financials called at APEX page.

I do not sure because Financials is running w/
and APEX have reference at http://bashpapa:7778/pls/htmldb....

When Financials called APEX page have to replace // TO //bashpapa:7778/pls/htmldb ????

What part of the notes I have to follow?

I will appreciate your help if it is possible.

Anonymous said…

Do know if it is possible to store a sql script(containing sql commands and pl/sql blocks) on a server, and then use APEX to execute it by entering a URL in a browser( like we could do with isqlplus using dynamic)?

Marty Solomon
Scott said…
Do know if it is possible to store a sql script(containing sql commands and pl/sql blocks) on a server, and then use APEX to execute it by entering a URL in a browser( like we could do with isqlplus using dynamic)?

Sure - you would need to convert the script to a procedure, and then you could call it from either an APEX application (more secure) or just from the URL (less secure, don't even need APEX).

- Scott -

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