Friday, October 10, 2008

Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeling Beta Released

Just saw that the much anticipated Oracle Data Modeling tool is available for download here:

Once you fill out a quick survey, you can download a complete build with JDK, or just the build for your specific OS.

I have the Mac OS version up and running, and will be putting it to work today on a number of different projects. I'm glad to see that an enterprise-level data modeling tool has finally come to Mac OS X. One more item on the list can be checked off!


nick said...

New one Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeling Beta Released.

Byte64 said...

Great news,
i was eager to try out that tool after attending Rice's session at OOW 2008!


Mark said...

Hi Scott,

how did you get this going on the Mac? I get prompted for the jdk location which then appends the $JDK_HOME/bin directory to the path..this does not exist on my Mac.


Scott said...


I can't remember what I did specifically, but it was either in the install docs or I downloaded the JDK as well.


- Scott -