Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Carl Backstrom - a Tragic Loss

As you may have heard by now, Carl Backstrom, one of the APEX developers, was killed in a car accident late Sunday night outisde of Las Vegas, NV. 

I met Carl a few years ago when I was still the Product Manager for what was then called HTML DB.  Carl was one of the most enthuiastic people that I have ever met, filled with a seemingly unending supply of energy.

His great attitude was only surpassed by his technical expertise and willing to share it with others. Carl would go to great lengths to help complete strangers solve their APEX-related issues on the OTN Forums.

My thoughts are with his family, friends and co-workers at this most difficult of times.


Maline said...

Although I rarely post, I've read Carl's blogs and used his examples so frequently over the past few years that his name is practically synonymous with Application Express. He will be missed even by those who did not know him.

Anonymous said...

Rest in Peace Carl. I never met or knew you, but your contribution to APEX will not be forgotten.

Olivia said...

very nice infromation... =)
you'v seem very expert to this topic.
keep posting ok!

thanks :-)
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