Monday, July 28, 2008

Twenty-Seven APEX presentations @ OOW 2008

The numbers are in, and it looks like that there will be 27 APEX-related sessions at OpenWorld this year!

Sure, you could use the requisite Schedule Builder to search for all of them...  But a way cooler (and easier) way would be to use the APEX Interactive Reports-based version, which can be found here:

According to David Peake, he will keep the "Seats Remaining" portion up to date.


David Peake said...


In fact that number will increase once all the sessions that won in the "Oracle Mix Vote for a Session" are yet to be added (except for Raj's)


Scott said...

True - and you're counting the ODTUG track as a single session on your site, when in reality it is 5.

Thus, the total will exceed 30, and even approach 40!


- Scott -