Monday, July 28, 2008

Oracle Marketing Oracle APEX

I've just seen the first Oracle APEX advertisement from Oracle in the wild!  Point your browsers at and check out the banner ad (you may have to reload a couple of times to catch it).  For those too lazy to check, here's a screen shot:

Clicking on it will tell a quick and compelling story that, well - just click on it and see for yourself! :)


Patrick Wolf said...

The image quality of the ad is not the best, but at least it's a start! :-)


Scott said...

Right - better than no image at all! :)

- Scott -

Michael A. Rife said...

The ApEx image is gone from the ODTUG web page. It has been replaced by an add for some company named Sumner Technologies;)

Is there any chance you kept what the ApEx image linked to?


Scott said...


Reload the page - it will eventually appear.

Also, feel free to check out the Sumner ad as well! :)


- Scott -