Friday, May 09, 2008

Firefox Smart Keywords

I can across this post today (Disclaimer: link is very much NSFW only if you try to repeat the examples used for Urban Dictionary; also, other entries in this blog may be NSFW):

To summarize, Firefox allows you to not only bookmark a page, but turn that page into a function of sort, and allow you cal call that page with some sort of parameter.

Thus, if you add a Smart Keyword for Google and call it "g", you can simply type "g oracle apex" into the location bar, and the resulting page would be the same as if you went to, entered "oracle apex", and then clicked enter.

So naturally, my first instinct to was to test this with an APEX application, and I was quite pleased to see it work flawlessly! I added two Smart Keywords - "a" and "c", which search the Accounts and Contacts pages of my APEX-based CRM application. No longer do I need to log in and navigate to those respective pages; I can simply key in Ctrl+L and then type "a sumner" or "c spendolini" to search for an account or contact.


Pete_S said...

Hi Scott
This is a nice 'old' Firefox feature and they have already nicely pre-configure some keyword for you - go to "organize bookmarks" and expand the quick searches folder.

For some sad reason, perhaps because I travel a lot I have set up Trip Advisor to quickly find how bad my hotel will be :-)

Scott said...

Yes, it's an oldie but goodie. I used to have a bunch set up when I worked at Oracle as well, and just never got around to setting them up again until I saw that blog post.

- Scott -