Thursday, May 08, 2008

Decoding Database Features

Having just answered a question in the OTN forums on this, I figured I'd share the link that I often use to decode which feature maps to which version of the Oracle Database:

Since Oracle will change what feature is included with which edition from time to time, it's handy to have this link bookmared somewhere.

Also, what's most unique about this link is that it can only be (easily) found from, not OTN.


joao said...

Thanks for you answer on OTN. I was trying to use VPD to deal with the timezone user setting each time a page is loaded, but as it is only EE I must handle this another way :)


Maxim said...

If i understand the matrix correctly, seems to be partially wrong information regarding Oracle XE - both rman and flashback table are available in this edition.

Scott said...

I didn't write it, just pointed to it... :)

- Scott -