Thursday, April 17, 2008


It seems as if someone didn't pay the bills, and - where my first blog was started - has been taken over by a, well, let's just say a less savory site. The content of the new site is slightly NSFW; clicking on any of the links we can only assume is definitely NSFW.

The real shame is that it seems as if all of the content from not only my old blog, but those of several others, is gone and unable to be recovered. A couple of weeks back, I did manage to save off my posts about Cloning your Corporate UI, and will eventually resurrect them and re-post it here. However, all of my other content is lost for good, it seems. :(

In any case, you may want to change your bookmarks & links to not reference anymore.


Michael A. Rife said...

I was bugging Brian Duff via email back in November about Getting no response (maybe I did not have his correct email address), I started posting in the
Oracle Forums in December to see if I could get word to whoever could fix the problem. I guess that my posts and emails did not get to the correct person(s).

I now use OraNA


Scott said...

From what I understand, several attempts to contact him have been in vain.

I have also switched to OraNA, which is nice as there's a number of new blogs that I was not aware of there.

tylermuth said...

If you need to get to your old posts, here's a solution:

Scott said...

Thanks, Tyler - was reading about that this morning. Way Back Machine works for some entries, but not all of them. :(

I'm just impressed that I made it on there!

- Scott -