Friday, September 28, 2012 Now Running on APEX

I'm happy to announce that starting today, is running on Oracle Application Express and has replaced, which was running in parallel with since July.

We spruced things up a little bit, created a new UI, and also created some new features & sections - some on the front end, others on the back end.  What many people will notice is that the APEX URL syntax is missing.  We decided to use mod_rewrite rules to give each page a more search engine friendly URL.  How we did all of this - and how it requires zero maintenance - is a great subject for future post.

Have a look and let me know what you think!  I'll be the one in the corner feverishly working on my OOW presentations.


Tony said...

Clicking on the Open World banner on the home page takes you to this URL: which results in a 1403-No Data Found error.

Scott said...


Thanks for that. It's been resolved.

- Scott -

fateh.cis said...

Hello Scott,
Actually, we have been waiting for your solution since you have posted this blog.. I have that soon you can spare sometime to teach us how to rewrite apex URL to be Search engine friendly...

Best Regards,

Scott said...


We do plan on blogging about the details, but I'm not certain as to when we will get around to doing that.


- Scott -

Shahana Shafiuddin said...

I liked your blog background image.

Anonymous said...

Great post Scott.
I'm still waiting with bated breath on the URL rewrite. Do you have any plans of sharing soon?