Saturday, August 14, 2010

Programmatically Reset Interactive Reports

This one may be review - and is definitely not a new feature of APEX 4.0 - but it's something that I just stumbled upon.  If you pass in "RIR" to the Clear Cache parameter of an APEX page that contains an Interactive Report, it will programmatically reset the Interactive Report on that page - the same way as if the user selected the Reset option from the IR's menu.

Best of all, you can pass both a page and the RIR directive simply by separating them with a comma.  For example, to clear the cache and reset the Interactive Report on page 10, you would pass 10,RIR to the clear cache parameter.


Chris said...


Just for completeness, there is also the (unofficial and unsupported) apex_util.ir_reset procedure from within PL/SQL.

Scott said...


Thanks for sharing that - did not know about that one, either!

- Scott -