Monday, June 15, 2009

Lots of New Stuff

The last few weeks have been quite hectic indeed!

In addition to my day job, I've been busy working with Doug Gault - Sumner's newest member - in re-structuring a number of our services and training classes.  I'm also happy to announce a couple of new products that we will be launching soon.

SumnerPrint is a PL/SQL-based solution that allows you to easily print APEX reports to PDF, HTML and XLS.  Built on top of PL/PDF, SumnerPrint easily integrates into any APEX application and allows your end users to print high fidelity reports with the click of the mouse.  Since it's built on PL/PDF, there is no middle tier to configure or extra servers to purchase.  You can be up and running with it in just a few minutes!

SumnerFramework is a set of APEX applications and tables that allow you to manage who has access to which APEX application.  It also provides a single point of management, so that you can centralize your role management for easier access and better reporting.

You'll be able to see demonstrations of both of these offerings at ODTUG next week.  If you can't make it, drop us a note and we can arrange for a private demonstration.

We've also launched a new corporate blog here:

While I will still occasionally still update this one, most of the APEX-related content will be posted on the new blog.  So be sure to bookmark both of them!


Olivier Dupont said...

Hey Scott,

This sounds very interesting. Is it possible to get some screenshots from your product?

There will also be a session on ODTUG about alternative PDF printing.

I'm curious about both products as it's always a difficult choice to find a decent affordable print solution.


Scott said...


We'll be posting some screen-cams in the future. There's really nothing to "see", as it's just a JavaScript call and Application Process that you can add to any application. It functions just like the BI Publisher integration.

The difference between SumnerPrint and JasperReports is that SumnerPrint requires no Java or extra server components. It's 100% PL/SQL, and installs in the same server as your database.

Also, JasperReports has a lot of functionality that SumnerPrint currently does not, such as a layout editor. SumnerPrint currently solves the problem of easily, cheaply and quickly getting a dataset into a PDF (or HTML or XLS) document so that it can be shared with others who do not have access to the system. Again, two more tools for two different needs.


- Scott -