Tuesday, April 21, 2009

APEX on Mac OS X - Update II

After two days of consistent use, APEX on OS X has performed flawlessly! And it's fast - REALLY fast! Sure, there's no network there to slow things down, but when using Safari 4, it's just as fast as static pages!

Now that Oracle runs natively on OS X, I can stop relying on VMs for that service, and use SQL Developer, Firefox and other Mac tools for 100% of my development.

I just hope that the folks at Oracle make this a supported configuration at some point so that we don't have to keep running in an unsupported fashion.


Sujay Dutta, PMP said...
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Patrick Wolf said...

Hi Scott,

with the to be released APEX Listener we should be able to support APEX on the Mac.

I installed 10gR2 and Tomcat+APEX Listener on my MacBook Pro yesterday and it really rocks! It's super fast! :-)


Scott said...

Good to hear!

Any news as to when the rest of 10g will be included for the Mac?

- Scott -

Sujay Dutta, PMP said...

I installed Oracle 11g for Windows and am very disappointed to see Oracle on it. I would have expected to see the latest 3.2 version.

About 11g for Mac, wonder when will that come out.

Scott said...


The reason that there's an older version of APEX on the 11g CD is that was likely the current version when the 11g CDs were cut. APEX is on its own release schedule, and does not always have the latest version on the same media as the database.

The beauty of APEX is that it only takes a few minutes to update it to the latest version!

As for 11g, I'm just happy that SOMETHING is out!

- Scott -

Sujay Dutta, PMP said...

Agreed, but considering Oracle Apex is such a beautiful product, I just feel Oracle doesn't really make the push for it. If I were Oracle I would go "All In" (poker term) with Oracle Apex :)

Anonymous said...

Has anyone built a one button install for Oracle 10g and Apex for Mac OS X?