Monday, October 08, 2007

Cool JavaScript Ideas

I came across this link this morning, which looks like it holds a wealth of hints for using and optimizing JavaScript.

Some of the things it mentions, such as compressing JavaScript, may make it a bit more difficult to debug your code. Other things, such as putting your JavaScript libraries at the end of the page, are no-brainers and can easily be implemented in APEX with little risk of breaking anything.

Finally, the article mentions using GZIP to compress all HTTP traffic, which will in turn make your site load faster. has been using this trick for as long as I can remember. It only takes a few minutes to configure and will increase the performance of almost any site - static or dynamic.

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kalid said...

Hi Scott, this is Kalid from BetterExplained -- thanks for the writeup! I'm glad you found the article useful; it seems that even as our home bandwidth increases, webmasters want to put more features in. It's a constant battle :)