Thursday, September 27, 2007


Next week, I will be presenting at the Virginia Oracle Users Group conference in Charlottesville, VA. It's a much smaller conference than the ODTUGs & IOUGs of the world, but that makes it better in some sense, as you get a better chance to meet and talk to people.

I'm going to present an Intro to APEX (The ABCs of APEX) presentation, in favor or something more advanced, as there are no other APEX presentations on the agenda.

If you plan on attending, look for me on Thurday afternoon and possibly at the reception.


Anonymous said...


What is the best environment to learn APEX? Full standard 10G db or will Oracle XE be enough?

Scott said...

APEX 3.0 can be installed in either XE of 10g EE, so either should suffice, provided you're not going to try to also use some of the more advanced database features at the same time...


- Scott -