Monday, March 26, 2007

APEX 3.0 in the News

Following the release of APEX 3.0, a few media sites have picked up the story:


Partha said...

When Oracle give press releases that say APEX is targetted (also) for Non-IT staff and put more emphasis on saying that it can replace ACCESS based systems, it reduces the visibility of APEX.

In our organization Iam trying to portray APEX towards a much broader scope for strategic development. But others in the team point to such press releases and keep saying APEX is more towards simple applications. This creates doubts in the minds of Managers who end up taking decisions that simple systems - APEX, business critical systems in other technologies.

Scott said...


There are several reference profiles, most of which highlight APEX as more than a simple alternative to MS Access & Excel.


- Scott -

Keyur said...

Hey still i am confused that whether APEX is for IT- staff or Non-IT staff. Pls make me clear.

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