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Can Someone Please Put the "Smart" in SmartPhone?



Mark said…
Very good, isn't it? I sat through one of the keynote updates, AppleTV was pretty good, the iPhone looks awesome. I've got my reservations about the touchscreen (my old SonyEricsson P900 didn't really work well in this mode, plus the screen's going to get *really* messed up) but for sure, it looks pretty cool.

OSX on the phone as well. An 'embedded' version maybe, or hopefully, the full version. I wonder if you'll be able to write apps directly for it, or whether you'll need to write them as widgets.

If it's not an embedded (RT) version of the OS, I wonder what stability and response-time will be like - I've had a Windows Mobile phone in the past, and I know what it's like having to reboot the phone each day.

Over here (the UK) it doensn't look like it'll be out until Christmas, and they haven't mentioned the carrier - given that it's Cingular over in the US (not Verizon, not T-Mobile) my guess is Orange - especially with the rumors of the Orange/GooglePhone recently, and the prominence of Google software on the iPhone.

Liked the Parallels posting by the way - it's something I use every day in conjunction with my 2GB Macbook, it's the most stable development environment I've ever had, and I'm looking forward to the next full (non-beta) release for the coherence feature you mentioned.


Scott said…
Time will tell how well the touch-screen works. It also seems as if the OS X version - whatever they did to it - seems quite peppy from the demos today. But alas, those are demos... :)

I know where I will be come 1-JUN!

- Scott -
Anonymous said…
Apple says it is not a smartphone.
cellphish said…
Don't get me wrong... I love Apple and the iPhone looks like one helluva neat gadget.

But everyone sucks up to Apple and says how it is the sh1t when all we have seen is the demo @ MacWorld! Lets wait for this thing to hit the market b4 we start saying it will change the mobile world. I have my reservations.

Why does it not have 3G? No iTunes to download on the move? I thought part of the concept was to have a phone with built in iPod but you could avoid even having a PC by purchasing direct? Sure to come yes but I was kinda expecting both 3G and iTunes.

So... I'm intrigued by the design and technology but little disappointed.
Scott said…
But everyone sucks up to Apple and says how it is the sh1t when all we have seen is the demo @ MacWorld! Lets wait for this thing to hit the market b4 we start saying it will change the mobile world. I have my reservations.

Sure, I tend to agree with that approach with anything Apple - version 2 is always cheaper, better, faster and more polished than version 1. I bought my MacBook Pro just weeks before the new Core 2 Duos started shipping for the same price.

I think most of the buzz is about the concept of a "different" type of phone here. People want to believe and hope that Apple will do to the phone what it did to the MP3 player, thus freeing them from the existing poorly designed alternatives.

That hope alone is enough for many of us - including yours truly whose Q decided to reboot 3 times already today - to hold on to.

- Scott -
Anonymous said…
Check out this interesting article comparing the iPhone to Windows Media 5, and modern smart phones.

>iPhone - Already an Outdated Technology????
Scott said…
Check out this interesting article comparing the iPhone to Windows Media 5, and modern smart phones.

Without getting into the age-old Mac vs. PC argument, I just don't think that guy "gets is". It's not a matter of parity of features, but how each one works.

I hate Outlook. I love Apple Mail. Both do the same thing, more or less, but they do it differently, and at least in my opinion, one does it better and more elegantly.

That's the whole point of Apple's iPhone and most of what they do - to take what we have all held as true about something (a phone, the PC, MP3 players, etc) and change it. Whether that works or not remains to be seen...

- Scott -

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