Monday, October 23, 2006

Missing OOW

Unfortunately for me, OOW just wasn't in the cards. Starting a new business and having a new baby has left me with little to no free time this year, and I just can't break away for a week. It is nice to see all of the blog posts from OOW, and it seems like Oracle really has taken over a few blocks of downtown San Francisco this year.

It's also been a while since I have updated my blog. This is largely the reason:

"Little" Isabella is almost 5 months old and has grown to 28" already! Most people think she is 1 year old, based on her height alone. She's already in 12 month clothes, and some of those seem a little tight at times. We don't know where she's getting the "tall gene" from, as noone in our families is excessively tall.

In any case, I'll be watching the developments from OOW, so for those who are blogging from there, thanks and keep up the good work!


Dimitri Gielis said...

Hi Isabella... you're a lovely baby!

Scott, although you can't be at OOW, you're in our minds... and as you know, if we're talking about APEX, your name is mentioned often ;-)

Hope to see you soon on an other event.

Michael A. Rife said...

It is all in how you look at your priroities. I would say you "fortunately" cannot attend. You have a healthy family, a successful business, and no free time to get in trouble;) Of course I mean no free time attend OOW.


Doug Gault said...

If one must have a reason not to come to OOW, then Isabella has to be the best.

Things are going well here, and Dimitri is right, your name pops up a lot (most times in a positive way! :-P )

Will keep you updated as things progress...


Scott said...

Well, at least it sounds like that most of the time, I'm being missed in a positive light.

Make sure you make it over to the Metreon and play a game of HyperBowl. It's a lot of fun, and some of the "lanes" back up to a bar, which makes life even better.

- Scott -

Marco Gralike said...

Michael and Doug couldn't have said it better. Every time, every year, I enjoy my daughter and if this is the reason you missed OOW2006, then your very very lucky.

You have a great looking daughter ;-)

Congrats to you and your wife!

Scott said...

Thanks for the kind words, Marco. I agree - it is a good reason to miss OOW!

- Scott -

Anonymous said...

Very Sweet.