Monday, June 19, 2006

ODTUG Monday

Today was the 1st day of ODTUG where I did something other than speak for 5 minutes or down a couple of beers. I hopped on the Metro from Vienna (Virginia, not Austria) and was downtown well before the general sessions started. Unfortunately, I had to miss them, as I needed the time to polish off my presentation for Wednesday, "You can't do THAT with a Browser!"

I led a panel of myself and three others (Michael Snyder & Greg Jarmiolowski from CASETech, and Patrick Cimolini from the Cayman Islands Government) on Application Express. We played to a room of about 40 or so people, and took questions right until the end.

Perhaps Patrick's experiences with ApEx were the most impressive. From seeing a couple of my presentations last year, he was able to take the idea of using ApEx back to the Caymans, train his staff, and deploy 3-4 production applications in well under a year's time frame - all with no previous Oracle experience! There were some other great stories from the audience - from a customer who is running an ApEx-based HR system in 77 countries to another customer who
deployed an application in just a few hours.

After the session, I had lunch with some folks and met with the ODTUG Board to discuss some interesting ideas - more on them if and when they become public! And then it was back to Vienna on the Metro so that I could make it home in time to take a couple of customer calls.

Tomorrow AM, we're teaching a condensed version of our Intro to Application Express class, and I'll likely hang around for part of the afternoon and pop in on some of the sessions.

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Dimitri Gielis said...

Hi Scott,

I posted more detail about the Q&A on my blog. If you see something I missed or didn't understood correctly, feel free to make a comment!