Sunday, November 13, 2005

Migrating MS Access to HTML DB Article

My article "Migrating to Oracle HTML DB" was just published in the Nov/Dec issue of Oracle Magazine. It talks about the high-level steps required to migrate from MS Access to Oracle HTML DB.

To summarize: Oracle HTML DB is one of the best platforms to use when considering migrating MS Access applications to the web. However, there is no "silver bullet" approach – each MS Access application should be examined and then migrated (or not) to HTML DB accordingly.


Mike Barrs said...

I read your article this weekend, it was great. Thanks.

Colin said...

You should have the article linked to the HTML DB product web page:

Scott said...


I'll ask the folks at Oracle if they can do that, but alas, I no longer have that superpower. :(

- Scott -

Colin said...

I think they should allocate a 'resource' to do assist in marketing, proposals, promotion and publicity of the HTML DB product. Its perhaps just as important as development, testing. Unfortunately, I have not really articulated it strongly to the HTML DB team yet.

a.p.r. pillai said...
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a.p.r. pillai said...


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